Here we go! The Hippos are emerging from the murky depths for more than just a breath of air this time. We are heading back out to some of our favorite places in the country for our first extended run of shows in quite some time. To say we are super excited to get back out there and on stage is an understatement Come spend a weekend...or three weekends with us.

3/25 @ Dunedin Brewery - Dunedin, FL
3/26 @ Dunedin Brewery - Dunedin, FL
4/1 @ Bells Brewery - Kalamazoo, MI
4/2 @ Bells Brewery - Kalamazoo, MI
4/8 @ Quixote's - Denver, CO
4/9 @ Quixote's - Denver, CO

You can stream and/or download our show from last Saturday at The Intersection for free.  Just follow the link below:

You can view some fantastic pics like the ones below from the show taken by Keith Griner at Phierce Photo of FX Media Solution. Just follow the link below:


4/8/16 @ Quixote's True Blue (Denver, CO)
I: Verlander > Run Rabbit Run > Kindred Spirits > Verlander, Greater Good, B'Guzzler, Georgie, Final Boss
II: 7 Hour Mile, Welcome Welcome > Yin Yang* > Bully > Yin Yang, Dune Climb, Square Pegs Round Holes, Tugboat
E: Hey Tommy
* contained Enter Sandman (Metallica) Jam

4/9/16 @ Quixote's True Blue (Denver, CO)
I: The Marine, Vultures and Thieves (New Russ Song), Medicine, Metaphorical Pipe > Dusty's Trumpet, Song for the Reaper, The Scar, DNT*, North Coast*
II: Moth > That 1 Jam > Head in the Trees, Broomhilda, The Traitor$, Colonel Sanders Breakdown#, Cherise
E: Chorale
* with Paul Hoffman on electric mandolin
$ with Fareed Haque on guitar, Greg Fundis on percussion, and Tony Monaco replacing Dave on keys
# with Fareed Haque on guitar

4/1/16 @ Bells Brewery (Kalamazoo, MI)
S!: Cream Soda>Rocinante, Stoked on Razaki, La Marea, Moth>Eko's Theme>Broomhilda, Giants, Run Rabbit Run>Yin Yang
S2: Georgie, Medicine, Words, Dune Climb, DNT, Chorale, The Scar, Verlander
E: Greater Good, Cherise

4/2/16 @ Bells Brewery (Kalamazoo, MI)
S1: Square Pegs Round Holes>T1J, Tiny Eyes, Should Have Words, Miss Brown>InterGalactic CyberSlut, Reality, Take Your Mama, Hey Tommy
S2: Tugboat, Vultures and Thieves, Rueben, Dusty's Trumpet, North Coast>Two Pigs>Cheshire Cat>The Traitor, EMD, The Marine
E: Songs for the Reaper, Bob the Wondercat


3/25/16 @ Dunedin Brewery (Dunedin, FL)
S1: Bob the Wondercat>Dusty's Trumpet>Background Music, North Coast, Broomhilda>Castlevania>Broomhilda, Giants, Kindred Spirits, Final Boss>Mike Tyson's Punch Out>Final Boss, Reality>T1J, La Marea, Chorale>Tetris>Chorale
E: The Marine

3/26/16 @ Dunedin Brewery (Dunedin, FL)
Should Have Words, Greater Good>Dune Climb, Metaphorical Pipe, Vultures and Thieves, 7 Hour Mile, Cheshire Cat>Square Pegs Round Holes, Tugboat>The Scar, Colonel Sanders Breakdown, Welcome to the Machine, Hey Tommy